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Featured 29 Jul ADULT DIAPER


These days, minor health condition is enough to give someone major health issue in the long term if not given proper attention.  You watch tasks that used to come easily for them slip away as your loved ones gets older.....aging is a delicate process. One of the common issue many elderly face is bladder incontinence - An uncontrolled leakage of urine. This means a person urinates when they do not want to. You are not alone! 

One of the sure way to manage the situation is by use of adult diaper. Your online shopping plug stocks premium quality care adult diaper such as Member's Mark,B ON B, Attends, Ultra Compact, Incoped, Dry Love, Prevail, Assurance, Dr Brown and other top premium brands.

Adult brief make you feel relieved knowing that you are covered. They are very easy to adjust as tabs can tighten or losen around the waist as per preference of the individual wearing them. Easy to change and stops leakage.

We cultivate the thought of  care for the wellbeing of others.......we are your premium shopping plug in UYO.